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When you need fast and reliable results for water heater repair in Naples, FL, there is no better choice on the market than our company, John The Plumber. We are highly skilled in the repair of water heaters, with years of experience working on all models and brands available to local homeowners. If your heater isn’t working properly—we are the ones you should call first!

An integral element of our specialization towards water heater repair is our investment in a comprehensive inventory of replacement parts. Whether you have a gas-powered or electric-powered water heater, you can rely on us to have the parts you need and the experience necessary to install them quickly and professionally.

As a plumbing contractor dedicated to servicing water heaters for residential clients, we are capable of producing outstanding results for pressure regulator replacement and water heater recirculating pump repair, among many other services. Whether you have discovered that your water heater no longer seems to deliver satisfactory pressure or you have found that your water isn’t heating up properly, you can get world-class results performed quickly when you choose us as your plumbing experts.

Since we spend a great deal of time and energy remaining up-to-date on all of the newest developments and technologies in the field of residential water heating, we are also qualified to perform tankless water heater repair services, or even electrical water heater replacement. Electrical water heaters can offer increased energy efficiency when compared to traditional gas-powered heaters, saving you money on your monthly energy bill and producing clean, consistently hot water in the process. 

Our experienced team is happy to install a new heater for you, just ask for quote today and let one of our talented representatives guide you through the process!